We are blessed to have the most incredible people own our dogs. In fact, some have become our greatest friends - sharing dinners, drinks and dog walks on a regular basis. Thank you to each and every one of you who shared some love below, we are so proud of the dogs YOU'VE raised.

You know what they say…. Once you go Dane, you never go back! 

"Great Danes are amazing dogs. Big feet, big hearts, big personalities ... but big problems if you don't do your research and are prepared for the wonderful addition to your home. Bad words like "Backyard Breeder" could result in a cute puppy today but then a mountain of medical bills due to poor genetics/breeding. 

 Our initial research on the Kennel Association website listed Jonnie Danes as the closest breeder to Vancouver. A quick chat over the phone was an amazing discussion about the breed, personalities, and behaviours which resulted in Jonnie Danes providing an 'owner manual' answering numerous questions we have been wondering. 

 We stopped by their house to visit their pack and some puppies on their way to new homes. Besides puppy cuteness overload, their five adults were amazingly behaved, playful and utterly unique in their own ways. A three hour visit disappeared in an instant as we talked, joked and had a great discussion about Great Danes. With bulk breeders and back yard breeders, you pay and go. With a breed like Great Danes, you need after care help from the breeder and the friendship started at that first meeting made us feel like we would have all kinds of support in the future if we were lucky enough to get one of their puppies.

We then visited two more times before committing to get a Great Dane. Both times equally as amazing and patient. Jonnie Danes were available by text, email, Facebook, and phone call at any time to answer questions and to give advise going forward. Through all the contact, the questions and a relationship built over time.... we were at a point to welcome a puppy and Jonnie Danes couldn't have been a better fit. We committed and were ready for our new puppy!

 Picking up the puppy was amazing. Another three hour discussion went flying by and we had a great puppy all the way back via ferry to Vancouver. Again, Jonnie Danes was available by phone, text, Facebook and phone call for questions about potty training, walking, puppy classes, food, etc. The after care has been super and it has been a blessing to have this stunning puppy in our lives and to now be a part of the Jonnie Dane family!"

 Lee and Etienne - West Vancouver, B.C. 

"I was one of the lucky few to have been able to acquire a puppy from the first litter of a Jonnie Dane breeding. From the first phone contact inquiring on available puppies, through the many calls asking questions during each stage of puppy hood, I always felt comfortable and put at ease with Lonnie and Jordan's patient and experienced guidance.

They have a holistic view which I appreciate. I feel very comfortable calling them at home or on their cell anytime and know they are available and willing to chat and even share a funny story about my Dane. I have the most beautiful Dane I have ever seen and am constantly being approached with comments like majestic, regal, stunning and a real show stopper.  Lonnie and Jordan love their Danes and their Danes including mine, love them."


"Just by looking at their dogs, you can tell that Jordan and Lonnie care deeply about their lines and bettering the Great Dane breed. My puppy came to me very socialized as well as very loved. They have been there every step of the way with me and I don't feel hesitant at all if I need to ask them a silly question! I couldn't be happier with my beautiful puppy as well as my amazing breeders."

 Holly Shakespeare - Nanaimo, B.C.

"Words cannot express how warm and heartfelt our first puppy experience was  Whether it was advice on training or a call at 4 am because our puppy had a fever, Jordan and Lonnie were there for us every step of the way. We love our beautiful dane baby more than anything and we could not have asked for a better experience. I never hesitate to recommend Jonnie Danes to anyone looking for a Great Dane."

Michelle-Anne and Guy - Edmonton, A.B

"Jonnie Danes not only provided us with a beautiful well tempered puppy, they invited us into the Jonnie Danes family.  Even after a year they are always available to provide guidance for any of our needs.  Thank you so much, we love our "little" Eve!"  


"Not only do we love the individuals Jo and Lonnie that make up Jonnie Danes but our Dane Rhea has been the light of our life. I love taking her places and being so proud of her temperament and the way she greets people and other animals. I get so many compliments on her personality and beauty. She is the love of our lives and our fur child who fills our heart with joy and is always inspiring us (especially me).

She makes us laugh and her personality grows and surprises us every day. She loves her Grandparents and her Auntie Maureen whenever they come over she nudges their hands and guides them to her toy box which means you have to play with me :) I've never met a dog who loves to share so much and adjusts to each and every dog she plays with.

Jonnie Danes gave us a special little girl who has enriched my life, after being sick for so long, she kept me motivated and walking every day. We're definitely learning as we go but Jo and Lonnie have always been there to guide us and helps us through any questions or concerns we have.

I just really can't say enough about Jonnie Danes as a whole. They are a good friends who changed our lives for the better and we can't thank them enough and they matched us with the perfect little/big girl (which makes me tear up) because of the happiness she brings and the wonderful feeling of caring for her and watching her grow into the little lady she is."


"It has been a long time dream of ours to have a Great Dane in our family.  As soon as we came across the Jonnie Danes website and had a brief phone chat with Jordan and Lonnie, we knew that we had to have one of their puppies. Their passion for the breed and for what they do is evident in how stunningly beautiful their own dogs are and what great temperaments they have. 

As first time Great Dane owners, it was extremely important to us to choose a breeder who would provide the support and advice we needed to raise our dog to be as amazing as their own.  Our Dane, Stella, is the daughter of Portland and Levi and I couldn't imagine having a sweeter, more gorgeous girl.

Jordan and Lonnie have been so amazing to us and have always made us feel like we can ask them anything at anytime. They always respond quickly to our questions and concerns because the well being of their puppies is just as important to them as it is to us, which speaks volumes about them in my book. This has truly been any amazing experience for us and we wouldn't have dreamed of doing anything differently."