Ch. Dantry Danes Fairytale Story - born oct 18, 2009

Story is the foundation bitch of Jonnie Danes we consider ourselves very lucky to be starting our line with such a quality bitch.


Story has been a delight since the first day we brought her home. Her saucy back talk is exactly how she acquired the name “Story.” A characteristic we wouldn’t give up for anything!

Story earned her Canadian championship in October 2011. She gained this title in 3 weekends, we couldn't be more proud of our beautiful girl.

Story is a pleasure to live with, she was born to be a mother and we knew that before she gave birth. Her first “baby” was our adopted cat Lewis, the second she laid eyes on that wild tabby cat she felt the need to clean and take care of him.

Her favorite thing to do is swim in the ocean, leaping through the waves and feeling the sand between her toes is heaven to her. She and Floyd would often conspire to break through the back gate of our beach house - often times they were successful at their undertakings.

Story is intelligent, loving and the most respectful dog we have ever owned. Everyone should be lucky enough to own a dog like Story.

Storys family tree